Paul Bone

x86 an evolution of kludges

Paul Bone
Melbourne Haskell User Group
July 26, 2018


There's a very good chance that you're reading this on an x86_64, super-scalar, hyper threaded, 64bit, multicore, computer, with SSE, AVX and a bunch of other extensions of the instruction set (if you're using a computer at all, and not a mobile device). If that's the case did you know that as far as CPU compatibility is concerned it'll happily run MSDOS? Yes, a 16bit operating system from 36 years ago!

Intel, AMD and others have achieved this dramatic evolution from 16bit through 32bit to 64bit computing without breaking backward compatibility, (at least with popular software and features). This presentation will describe this evolution, kludges and clever innovations.


I am not able to publish slides at this stage, not unless/until I present the topic again and polish the slides.